Tregeagle's Choice

by Napier's Bones

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Jan Tregeagle, the demon of Cornish legend, was once a man like any other.
What caused him to reject society and its accepted values, surrendering to blind ambition and self-interest?
Was his fate predestined or a consequence of decisions taken freely?
When faced with the prospect of Tregeagle’s Choice, would any of us fare differently?


released March 11, 2015

Music, Lyrics, Vocals (Narrator, The Clergy)
& Production : Gordon Midgley

Vocals (Jan Tregeagle, The Devil)
& Artwork : Nathan Jon Tillett

Special Thanks to :
Selena Jay -
Miss Von Trapp -
Gary Reeves -
Martin Kirwan -
as "The Villagers" (Track 5)



all rights reserved


Napier's Bones UK

Napier's Bones are a UK band taking the Classic Prog sound and building upon it to create their own challenging, extended form of progressive rock music.

Their focus is firmly on dramatic storytelling with subjects capable of resonating with the listener today. Music that references the past but is very much of the here and now.
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Track Name: Hear the Tale
Narrator :

Hear the tale of Jan Tregeagle, Kernow born some 50 years ago
A friendless boy with a restless mind,
he believed a man is judged by all he knows

As he grew older, he saw more of the world
His way ahead was barred it seemed by accidents of birth

Undeterred he studied hard, with self belief he could turn the tide
A steward's post, a magistrate, his reputation travelled far and wide

As he grew older, uncomfortable in life
Plagued by doubts he couldn't shake, he was not satisfied

Jan :

"There must be something more...... for me
Something more, for me...... for me"
Track Name: Schooldays
Jan :

It all began at the village school, a boy alone shunned by his peers
Found refuge in the printed word, I learned so much in those silent years
The teachers recognised my gift, I was sent away to learn
A scholarship, my golden chance, to escape the smalltown world

I took my rightful place with sons of privilege, sons of class
New ideas a new way of life, all expectations were surpassed
Narrow minded clergy with their scripture writ in foreign tongues
Knowledge Trees, Forbidden Fruits, Disciplined the Brightest One

I said "There's more in life than this.... for me"
I know there's more than this:

What use have I for parables? For Devils, sorcerers, saints?
Let learning, reason, light decide my Fate
A place to stand and make a choice, my values wrought anew
And with conscience clear become what I will


Then they cast me out, sent me back, back to whence I came

Brought down to earth, by legions of lesser men
Their envy fear and ignorance denied my chance to soar

They spoke of blasphemy, they spoke of heresy, and sin and pride
But they never spoke the Truth to me in all that time

But they, they will speak my name, they will know my name,
and fear my name again
Again, again, Jan Tregeagle's name will echo here again

My name will echo here again.
Track Name: Wearily
Jan :

Wearily the carriage took me back to a village life where petty minded
people think small thoughts

I fell in line, beaten down, a broken man, working hard, drowning
in the average again

I lost myself, as I served the Duchy's wide estates, a steward's post
small recompense for all I could have been

A bitter man, a magistrate of foul repute
I punished all before me, a wounded man striking out

I was lost ... I lost myself

Then an inner spark, a ghost of hope once thought forlorn
A chance encounter late one night coming off the moor
A wizened man, familiar yet unknown to me
recounted tales of bargains struck in a moonlit Wistman's Wood

These Older Ways, before the Crown, before their Church
The Heathen Hills have seen it all, their ancient magic lingers still
To Crockern Tor, I took myself without delay
A lost soul's search for wisdom and the faith that I had lacked

Belief, all I need
Belief, in me
Track Name: Tregeagle's choice
i)The Ascent

ii) By Wistman's Moonlight

Jan :

I stand in darkness, alone, apart, detached from life
Seeking wisdom, open my eyes, deliver light
I'll pay the price

By Wistman's Moonlight
Let me live again tonight

Show me something more
There must be something more...

iii) The Meeting

The Devil (Old Crockern) :

"Finally you summon me to Hallowed, Ancient Dartmoor,
where time has little meaning
You know I've always been with you
Unlike those who have deceived you
I am here for you

Only I can give you wisdom, behold the Kingdoms of the World
Only I deliver splendour, wealth, respect and more
Sign the lease, a bargain struck for Five and Twenty Years
Freely though you must consent, in blood make your mark
By Wistman's Moonlight
Live again tonight

Do it now "

iv) The Decision

Jan :

An end in sight to years adrift with this alchemy
A worthless life transformed to no less than purest gold
Nature's Laws found wanting, reject conformity
Turn my back on their world, as they turned their backs on me

Fulfilment in the here and now, let ancient wisdom show me how

Realise my hopes and dreams at the stroke of a pen
Answer to myself alone for Five and Twenty Years

To sacrifice an Afterlife, their non existent paradise,
I'll pay that price

I dare do all that may become a man
Timid lives and laws, they don't apply to me

My name immortalised, a man apart, the world at my feet
This is my Act and Deed

I'm Free!!
Track Name: Vox Populi
The villagers speak
Track Name: Halcyon Days : Ecce Homo
Narrator :

A different Jan Tregeagle made his way back from the moor
New belief his guiding star shone brighter than before
His way ahead in life was clear, behold the Man Unbound
With a place to stand and move the world, Momentum lost was found

Others talk of darker powers, of spirit guides and dreams
The Devil entered into him and bought his soul it seems

Jan :

A man amounts to more than a list of do's and don't's
Paralysed with fear at the thought of doing wrong
Man is free to choose, free to not conform
Self aware maturity, rejection of the norm

Clergy :

So disturbed are we by violent speech and slandering
Brother Jan a righteous fellow in the eyes of God
Be rid of bitterness, be rid of rage and angry talk
Judge ye not, lest ye be judged

So end the slights and slurs on Brother Jan Tregeagle now
A generous man ever keen to help the true one's church
Be quick to listen, slow to anger and slow to speak
Rest assured, blessed are the meek

Be not concerned with counting treasures here on Earth
Amass instead your wealth in Heaven, your future's there
The poor and needy have been chosen, they are the ones
Inheriting the Kingdom, all those who live by love

Jan :

All pleasures can be bought, exceptions are so few
Objections brushed aside, it all comes down to price
Nothing was true, and everything's allowed
When the spirit enters into you, Commandments lose their power

All my life I was guided by my Visions and Dreams
Then an Angel came to earth and spoke to me

He told me I was made for greater things,
I had a greater purpose in life
Renounce their rules and embrace all I could be

The glory that you see today is no more than destiny
Behold the Man, and all that he can be
Tregeagle's Choice, mark well my legacy
Track Name: Best of Times ?
Jan :

The Best of Times, am I ruled by darker passions now?
Is it sinful to be free of denial?
Enjoying life while it lasts?
Sworn in every room
Pleasures the only truth
And Abstinience is hatred of the self

The Best of Times, all the friends I never had before
Now a string of lithe companions take their place
Always keen to call my name
Tell me where's the shame?
After all, everybody, has their price

Doesn't everyone have their price?

So I justify this decadence
With heavy breathing incantation, but is it love?
Sometime I recognise my folly, regret the waste
Then the hunger I can't satisfy draws me back again

The Best of Times, oh I hope they never end

I pray they never end for me...
Track Name: Tempus Fugit
Narrator :

The quarter Century passed so quickly and Tregeagle realised
he had accomplished nothing of any value
He lacked friendship and increasingly felt the absence of real love

He knew his time and almost run
The final weeks flew past like minutes and he became terribly afraid
For he knew what his future held,
and could see no way of escaping his fate
Track Name: Eleventh Hour
Jan :

So little hope, there's nothing I can do
So little time, the sands are running low
Nowhere to flee
He's been here all along

A shield of Faith for me - I have to try
Salvation's cost for me can't be too high

I remain a wealthy man, that can open doors for me
Connections made and favours bought throughout the Holy See

It's Brother Jan the errant lamb come home now
I tried to pray whilst led astray, you know how

Clergy :

The cravings of a sinful man, in love with the world
Vanity and pleasure were false concerns
Taking in pride in ownership, your values counterfeit
Can you repent, can you aspire to grace?

Jan :

Avoid eternal torment I'll give everything I own
rebuild your church, your Abbey too if you can save my soul

It's Brother Jan the errant lamb come home now
I tried to pray whilst led astray, you know how

Clergy :

Sincerest contrition true in all you say
Real remorse, regret your sinful ways
Entrusting our church alone with all your worldly wealth
We'll keep you safe beyond your final day

Jan :

I repent, help me cleanse these hands
Please take me back, don't let him take me down
Am I condemned? I sense him drawing near...

The Devil (Old Crockern) :

Stand firm Jan Tregeagle, remember, you are a proud man
The church cannot save you, muttering prayers over scented candles
For that you need real faith`
All your wealth, your power, your influence, your countless sins and
shameless vanity
Reckon well Jan Tregeagle, reckon well
This will be their price`

See the sun dims to black, see the stars fall to earth
Eternity, Obsidian night, you knew the price

Dozmary Pool, the blood red moon
Your Lake of Fire

Godforsaken, Godforsaken, for evermore

Here you toil, for evermore

Jan :

Alone again as so often in my life, demons torment me now
endlessly...all my own making I concede
Vanity and sinfulness made a slave of me
Recognition's what I craved, a place in history for my name
But infamy is all I achieved
Yes Infamy is all I achieved

So it goes on.... it goes on and on,
toiling by this Lake of Fire
still it goes on

Despairing Cries, this Endless NIght
Jan Tregeagle's pain, is there nothing more?
For me.....?

So it goes on, it goes on and on, Eternity in Hell, it goes on
Hear despairing cries on Winter nights, Jan Tregeagle's pain will
echo evermore

My name is known for evermore