Alpha​-​Omega Man

by Napier's Bones

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Darren Douglas Danahy
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Darren Douglas Danahy Alpha - Omega man is the kind of progressive rock that inspires me to always strive to improve my own skills in music.

Top notch musical performances, great story telling, and just.. freakin' fantastic songs. Favorite track: Psychic Driving.
Lee Lucas
Lee Lucas thumbnail
Lee Lucas The latest album by Napier's Bones is certainly quite a new approach from messrs Midgley & Tillet in that most of the vocal parts are equally shared throughout the course of this quite remarkable concept album. It works extremely well regarding the roles they both play on this truly well crafted fine body of work. Plenty of great influences here too such as the likes of Genesis. Marillion. Spock's Beard. Pink Floyd + a touch of a Jethro Tull riff thrown in for good measure. 100% recommended. Favorite track: Psychic Driving.
bootzilla thumbnail
bootzilla a great new album from the boys of Napier's Bones !! It sounds awesome so take a listen and buy the album !!
Eric Peters
thePiecan thumbnail
thePiecan My Favorite track that's my favorite track name! This is a great album, Naths Vox with Gords Lead style and Synths have got me gripped. Poor OlGord's Bass always gets left out :-( ...he does good Bass too! :-) Napiers has resurected my interested in Prog ...this is the 15 yrO Single Malt of Prog mind ;-) Favorite track: HypnoSapiens.
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Awakening 13:30
Newly opened eyes strain beneath fluorescent light Feeling tubes & wires, machines are keeping me alive Don't know where or when or how or why this came to be Suspended, I'm caught between safe havens for time's refugee All I amounted to is frozen in history I can't express, can't find the words, articulate this fear Wild and whirling states, prophetic dreams a-blur I need to heal, no longer feel the past is another world Searching for a door, to let me in and take me back A fractured man, a man alone save for ghosts of all I lack Locked out of inner space, exiled from all I am Pages blank, an empty book, the Alpha-Omega Man Take me home, make the picture whole, Can't recognise, these hollow eyes, that nameless ghost Can't recognise, these hollow eyes, that nameless ghost Can I make sense of this? Frame a world beyond this place Without my yesterdays how can I support today? Is it me myself I miss the most? Tears well in my eyes Is there the faintest hope, will someone hear my desperate cry? Searching for a door, to let me in and take me back A fractured man, a man alone save for ghosts of all I lack Locked out of inner space, exiled from all I am Pages blank, an empty book, the Alpha-Omega Man The first, the last, the Alpha-Omega Man.
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Citizen 04:39
"Does he realise who he is? Does he know? Is he.....self-aware? I see. He's obviously not ready for his new way of life We'll have to proceed very carefully indeed" "Citizen we're pleased to see you Pulling through the dark traumatic times Cautiously I'd say we're optimistic Recovery can be a state of mind Our medication will help you We'll never, ever leave you on your own Unlimited resources to protect you Until it's safe to be alone" "You know it's not safe to be alone" Make me well again, End this Hell and then Let me feel again Without a past, a life in limbo All I've seen and done and loved to call my own A desperate cry pleading for perspective Is absent isolation all I'll know? In my solitude Please end this Hell Take me back, make me well again Be myself again Let me live again, let me feel again, let me, let me be myself again
HypnoSapiens 06:00
"Concentrate on my voice, concentrate on my voice That's better, Let's begin Relax, concentrate on my voice, a new of life's about to begin Relax, you will submit to our control" "Listen to me, listen to me Who will miss you if you never return? Who will shed a tear for you, when you're gone?" In this world where no-one sees you Your opinions have no value Conversations end with nothing ever said Still you're longing to be noticed Follow questionable motives And all you are's a means to an end Is there a point in going on? In going on? Ask yourself if there's a point in going on? "Tortured by the early hours, cold abandonment In the vacuum of yourself, impossible to breathe Your life a conscious slumber, you hope and pray, you long to wake Before the Lethean waters, when you still had belief" Certainty so hard to find in the modern world In the Sea of Relativity we're desperate for dry land Listen to me, listen to me Who will miss me if I never return? Who will shed a tear for me, when I'm gone? When. I'm. Gone.
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Rushing headlong, senses overload I'm helpless now, against the undertow Who was I? Was it all invention? Who was I? Nothing more than well rehearsed routines? Conditioned not to ask, what is truth, anyway? A thousand different scenes from a hundred different dreams Countless memories recombined, but who knows what they mean? Illuminate the darkness between disparate points of light An infant's faltering steps ahead into the blackest, starless night Can I find out who I am? End this searching. Things that make me who I am. A lifetime returning Like the weight of air before a storm, I couldn't fight it held me down This parody was cast adrift, I waved, I drowned. But I learned to say all the things I knew they had to hear I learned to act, I learned to lie, I learned to hide my fear Then I found out who I am. No more uncertainty All that makes me who I am. Embracing destiny Proud to show just who I am, back from infinity All that makes me who I am, revealing destiny Returning from the void, a man outside of time Welcome Back. Back from the darkness Bringing hope, bringing light Behold a brand new way of life. Welcome Back from oblivion The Alpha Omega Man Back where I belong Listen to me, listen to me Now I see, no doubt at all as clarity returns No need to shed a tear for me I belong I belong, for the first time I belong Life beyond the Stygian gloom, I belong I am free to live my life "Just the same as everyone" I am free to voice opinion "Just the same as everyone" I am free to keep my secrets "Just the same as everyone" I am free to love that special one "Just the same as everyone" To. Be. Free
Sleep Well 01:32
Welcome back, journey's nearly over Sleeping well, doubting voices quiet Out of darkness, take the final step Celebrate, From discord, harmony
Free At Last 11:00
Free, for the first time Free, free at last. Free. A fractured man no more, the searching's done, I've found the door No place for sentiment, no time for doubt No questioning intent Roll the stone away, Revealed today, Complete again Free at last from that bleeding heart The whining bleating voice that held me back Now I'm able to express myself Let real life begin Go to the world and preach the news Believe in me, you will be saved See me rise again, don't you be afraid I will be amongst you evermore Our great heroic scene, await our place in history No place for sentiment, no room for doubt No questioning intent Intent, no, redemption now No doubt at all Brothers, Sisters, Step from the shadows I am the only way Back from the wilderness, the end of relativity Certainty is ours again, I am here for you Heralding the new way, behold the promised land Vision and belief and will see us through This course of action is unavoidable Sacrifice required from us all at this time Identify and separate, isolate the heretics Rejoicing in our greatness once again Unfolding like the prophecy, The First becomes the Last To glory and significance Present, future, past


A fractured man, a man alone save for ghosts of all I lack.
Locked out of inner space, exiled from all I am.
Pages blank, an empty book, the Alpha-Omega Man.


released January 20, 2017

Gordon Midgley : Music, Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Nathan Jon Tillett : Vocals and Artwork

Selena Jay : Vocal samples on tracks 1, 4 & 8
Andrew Stawarz : Operating theatre photo used in front cover design

Special thanks to Shaun Geraghty, Emma Roebuck, Diane Fasching, James Turner, Esther Kessel-Tamerus, Steven C. Davis, Peter O’Neill, Aloys Martens, Ron Marquiss, Jim Lawson, Phil McIntyre, Guy Bellamy, Jan Bracke, Paul Grunill, Jorge Rittatore, Brian Watson, Dirk Radloff, Markwin Meeuws and all our friends from Soundcloud, Internet Radio land and Social Media for their warm and valued support and encouragement.

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Napier's Bones UK

Napier's Bones are a UK band taking the Classic Prog sound and building upon it to create their own challenging, extended form of progressive rock music.

Their focus is firmly on dramatic storytelling with subjects capable of resonating with the listener today. Music that references the past but is very much of the here and now.
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