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by Napier's Bones

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thePiecan Lovely to have another Napier's Album. Like an old friend returning to remind you to tune into the 'intangible essence' of not being distracted by the game. Im still absorbing this album, it flows me away and brings me back for the last two important tracks. All the Napiers trimmings are here in a spatial & smoothly mastered release! Dont be a 'cell mate' !! Favorite track: All Tyrants Have To Fall.
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And so for us the dark is here, resigned to fate, the longest wait The final night, all others gone, just we two to count 'til dawn Until the light, until the rite And final words are said All stories have to end So Cellmate, what have you to tell ? What has brought you here ? Mute for want of words? Parley remembered lives The player's final lines Scenes fade to black and blue What have we to lose ? Tell me what have we to lose ? As the silence we postpone And the bleached and whitened bones Awaiting us We await the dawn, the righteous sun to rise Ironclad to walk, prayers one last time No more regrets, nothing we would change Before reduced to names upon a page No more than names on a page And so until the light, and so until the rite And final words are said All stories have to end We fade to black and blue Meanwhile we can choose What have we to lose ?
Vixana 07:22
No looking back, farewell to Meavy Memories fade of promises made in Merrivale Far behind the oak tree's shelter Alone to climb, await the time of return Leaving battles behind Onward, a brand new start A brand new start A brand new start Leaving battles behind, away he climbs, with all he knows A thousand feet beyond the bustling frantic valley A blank and black eyed gaze regards him The folly of the late one, who does not see the clouds Uncoiling to entwine, enchanting to beguile The birds sang warning songs, but prophetic time has gone Just the wraith now, preparing to embrace She's here, She's here Vixana Calling a name Calling your name She appears, no shadow she casts She's here, in a veil of mist at last The wraith, she calls you near Her featherbed awaits, oh you know where Return to all you are All around There you belong Her soft embrace She sings her song Then you're gone
Long awaited journey's end, of one voice our tale begins With heroes loved from afar, at Totnes bluff they disembark See one of the blood and one of the sword Survey the land A long cruel exile ends, birthright betrayed Brutus of the royal line, and Corin, brave, at his side Shall loose the tyrant's grip, with the landing of their ships To make a stand, with fire forged will Truth shall prevail, to claim a land By darking of the sun ( Becalmed ) Justice so hard to find ( Betrayed ) Even heroes have their doubts ( Sometimes ) Were Deities promises hollow in their ring ? ( Ahhhhh) When first the lady came, Into the shrine Veiled in mist, two alone She prophesised Seek the island fair, in the Western Sea Your destiny to lead, Fair Albion Where the giants dwell Where the giants dwell You found a land Breaking silence, strike from Plymouth Men at arms secured the land And God looked well upon them Mark the names of Corin's band Prophecy foretold, Heroes true and bold Face the giants who rule Fair Albion In danger still they harried, no quarter asked or gave To leave the ironclad leader Gogmagog his fearsome name Standing eighteen feet This creature of the heath One to one engage, Corin the Brave He's Here ! The tyrant warts and all, Un-human height, his sides of iron Rage his fire, Violence his purity See, he stands between the throne And the Righteous Sun Yes the Righteous Son There can be only one Only one As first the Lady said, in that lustrous shrine Veiled in mist, two alone She prophesised Tyrants broken cast out, Into crimson Western Sea Corin conquered all Restored the rightful king So the tyrant fell No more giants dwell In Albion Long and bloody was the fight, to loose the tyrant's grip Many who were lost, today, in stone their names we celebrate Restoring faith, restoring law Exiled once, exiled no more Leviathan shall kneel We Free Our Land The King Returns, A Brave New World We found a land Exiles no more Behold the Righteous Son We Freed a Land We Freed Our Land
And so my friend you've heard my tales I broke the silence of this night Scenes of hope, remembered light And if you read between the lines You'll find that we're of similar minds I think you see yourself in me Oh what have you to tell ? How did they break you down? What has brought you here ? Now stories all we have, Stories all we are We kept them safe this far What have we to fear ? Our world within this room. What have we to lose ?
September dawn where it begins, Autumn chill, a long march ends Premonition haunted night, Birds are gone, fields are quiet The call went out, Promises were made All absent on that day It's not enough, it's not enough The centre cannot hold on noble words alone Not enough, it's not enough The centre cannot hold on noble words alone Still we stood it's not enough, it's not enough In the chaos of affray, Common Prayers swept away Still we stood, eyes raised to the sky Still we stood, for judgement upon high Both sides knew the odds, instead they spoke of God, providence divine Ironsides circled round, Orphans watched from high ground, Saw the colours fall, one by one It's not enough, it's not enough Words were not enough Faith was not enough Hope was not enough On that day Recognising in distress that murder had to stop Affrighted souls on every side, staring into Hell Not a coward to be found, but still the colours fell Mark their deeds, do not forget, they're never going home Cellmate 1 : Not enough you say, Not enough you say Not enough that day One by one the lines collapse, columns break, falling back New Model has the day, Crowning Glory Roundheads say Avoid his father's fate, He did not bow that day Loyal men were left behind, thousands marched away Burning Islands in the West, until their dying breath We Saved The Line, Retained The Hope Cellmate 1 : Unlike Father, pray the son will see the dawn again Seeking refuge, taking flight, until it's right, To Free The Land Free The Land, Free The Land, Free The Land Leave the column heading West, Incognito, Refuge found Printing press reward for capture, Judas price a thousand pounds In ragged clothes concealed find Roman friends In druids' sacred groves we held our breath Welcome boughs reach to heaven, hidden from their gaze God bless the Penderels, Without whom we'd be lost Safely take us on to Bridport, praise be for selfless hosts Stealthily, disguised we travelled, find a place to cross the sea Players leave the stage unnoticed, under moonlight scenery The ancient oak of Yelverton, our Meavy resting place Leafy limbs, five hundred years, a testament to this Then at dawn, 'neath Devon rain, detached they captured me From cell to cell, questions were the same Locating purity in pain Through the trials I refused to tell them anything, though the gallows grimly wait for me I'll not disclose the names of those who helped us get this far No talk of captains, or Sussex ports or France No Wilmots or Whitgreaves aid I'll take it to my grave The King will be safe He will be safe This testament for you and I alone Like-minded men, who in hours will be gone Cellmate 1 : But giants will be slain, and hope will return And liberty restored to England once again Leviathan will kneel, All tyrants have to fall And their unholy Commonwealth will not sustain, No! Yes, giants will be slain, The King will return And liberty restored to England once again Though we won't see the day, and as our final words we say Our own counsel we will keep With each silent step we take, towards the rope We loose the tyrant's grip And then a day will dawn, Eyes look to the sky With hope in our hearts, Hope will free the land And for our part we're more, more than names on a page More than names on a page Cellmates Together : The King will return, All tyrants have to fall in time, Though we won't see the day Hope will free the land
Cellmate 2: Blinking in the dark alone, wake from unexpected sleep Then along the corridor, straight ahead in step I keep So beats a distant drum Now I know, what is to come An empty cell, where did he go? My fellow fugitive Final hours, final words, all we had to give We never said goodbye Will we meet on the other side? What awaits for us, On the other side? What awaits for us, On the other side? For a stranger, he was so close As if I'd known him all my life He knew just what to say No...! Cellmate 1 : Seductive songs, From one not as she appears Returning kings, from exile overseas Wishful thinking, revenge and giants slain To know just what to say, and when to say it Cellmate 2 : Coincidence, nothing more Coincidence, I gave nothing away I'm sure, I'm sure Now the scaffold awaits for me Cellmate 1 : Oh my friend, I heard your tale Noted well then made my flight Names and places marked, just as you described Deception is my stock in trade, Appearing as required Until the players have been played You had to see yourself in me, only then confide A loyal man, on the wrong side of history And all stories have to end, fantasies give way Wishful thinking swept away The giants hold today, heroes trapped upon the page Dreams lacking substance in the cold hard light of day And history is what we say, Truth no lasting consequence Convenience, which we define We hold the land, We hold the land Hold the present, Hold the past Hold the past, Hold the future We Have It All


Two men brought together by chance,
Together by circumstance.
Incarcerated for one final autumn night.
Golden moonlight filters through clouds,
And mist,
And roughly wrought window bars.

Telling stories to get them through the night.
Telling stories to make sense of their plight.
Telling stories because stories are all they have.
Until they too are reduced to names upon a page.

Welcome to the seventh album from Napier's Bones.
Welcome to Cells.


released September 1, 2023

Cellmate One : Nathan Jon Tillett : Vocals 1-6
Cellmate Two : Gordon Midgley : Vocals 5,6

Artwork : Nathan Jon Tillett

Many thanks to all the people who have supported and encouraged us over the past nine years : social media, radio, music bloggers and journalists, friends and family.

24 bit Masters
A Scanulf Studios Production

Sometimes stories are all you have.


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Napier's Bones UK

Napier's Bones are a UK band steeped in classic prog and using it as a foundation for their own take on long-form progressive rock music.

The focus is firmly on dramatic storytelling with subjects capable of resonating with today's listeners. Music that references the past but is very much of the here and now.
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